Artist of the Month – Dunhurst Art

‘Inspired by Ivon Hitchens’

Group 1 (year 4, ages 8-9) pupils at Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst, visited the retrospective of Ivon Hitchens (Old Bedalian) ‘Space through Colour’ at Pallant House in Chichester.  They were inspired to go back to school and start painting. Hitchens wrote ‘I love flowers for painting…not a carefully arranged bunch such as people ought not to do….but doing a mixed bunch in a natural way’. With this in mind, vases of flowers from Outdoor Work were arranged on the windowsill of the art room and pupils took up their brushes to paint. Then, inspired by another early painting, ‘Didling on the Downs’, pupils painted the landscape outside the art room window complete with the Jacob sheep that live and graze in the grounds of Bedales School. The results are a delightful collection of delicate colours and will brighten the walls of the cafe for the whole of February.