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Katrin Eagle

Katrin is an artist and designer working primarily with wool as a ‘painting’ medium. The starting point for a felted picture is always a photograph, sketches or painting of the subject matter. There then follows an abstraction process matter where shapes are simplified and a colour palette worked out.

Carrying ideas across to wool involves careful blending of dyed locks using carding brushes to create new shades and mix colours. Layers of fibre are then built up and attached to one another using a barbed felting needle which simply latches the individual hairs to one another to form felt. Wool from different varieties of sheep allows for different effects with curls giving more texture than smoother types. Different sized felting needles allow for bold coverage or finer details.

Landscape provides endless inspiration, although she has also produced a series of flower studies based on sketches in her garden during the summer months.

Working with wool not only gives visual reward from the use of colour but also the pleasure of working with a soft and comforting medium which has been known to man for thousands of years yet is still being pushed in new directions.

Katrin also enjoys spinning, weaving, painting and experimenting with other drawing mediums.

Many of Katrin’s wool art pictures are available as cards and printed tableware which can be purchased through her website or from various local and national stockists. More information at