Artist of the Month – Laurence Croft

The Golden Age of Beekeeping

Laurence Croft was born in Liverpool in 1943. He is a self-taught amateur artist now living in Petersfield and a member of the Petersfield Arts and Crafts Society. During his early education he displayed an aptitude for painting, winning numerous prizes in national competitions and had work exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. However, rather than a career in art he studied biochemistry at university and followed a career in science.

He only returned to painting following a period in hospital, when he was so impressed by the therapeutic benefits he found from painting that he began to take it more seriously. He has now started to exhibit more widely and has recently exhibited at the Harris Art Gallery in Preston.

He has no artistic pretensions, but simply paints for his own pleasure on a variety of subjects, which largely tend to reflect a personal nostalgia. This is now amplified in this exhibition entitled The Golden Age of Beekeeping