Artist of the Month

Anna Dodds

I have always been interested in drawing and painting. I went to Portsmouth college of Art and design and subsequently had various jobs that were “artistic” but I was never brave enough to “just paint". I used to enjoy using pencil and watercolours but a few years ago I came across a lovely artist called Clare Boyd Wallis who inspired me to try using oils. It was like a eureka moment when I found that, that medium really suited my style and I haven’t stopped painting since! I had my first exhibition in May which was fantastic and gave me great confidence to continue.
I take commissions for landscapes but mainly for animal portraits, mostly dogs. They are very personal paintings for the owners so I really enjoy painting in the detail which gives them their true character. I mainly paint from photographs, which I often take myself as I like to meet the subject in person, if I can, to see a bit of their personality.  The pet portraits do take a long time, so I really enjoy getting out and about and painting Hampshire. Walking with my dog and being inspired by the truly stunning countryside which surrounds Petersfield is a daily exercise. Every season bringing a new view and I take hundreds of photos and paint rather too prolifically!
I hope you enjoy my exhibition and please do get in contact if you want any more information regarding commissions of either pets or landscapes.   Mobile: 07584120234   Instagram



Art on the First Floor

Amy Davidson - Nature's Abstracts

I take my inspiration from patterns I find in nature and in my daily surroundings - in microscopic images of plant and tree cells, marine life and from aerial photos of landscapes, forests and oceans.

The process is unplanned and instinctive, taking form from whatever inspiration has influenced me.  My drawings are time-consuming but I find the repetition and intense focus meditative and extremely therapeutic.

I hope to do larger scale pieces in the future using different mediums.