Artist of the Month

Chris Sparkes - Goddesses

My grandfather, James Sparkes, was a watercolour landscape painter in the tradition of Constable, and I'm fortunate to have a collection of his pictures. My father painted watercolour landscapes from time to time, having grown up observing his father at work.  Ten years ago I began to commit to my painting and drawing more and a breakthrough came in 2012 when I converted to oils and acrylic.  Goddesses is my first solo exhibition. I apply the same principles to my painting that I teach in my creative writing workshops: this includes going over a picture a hundred times if you have to; and, as the proverb goes, said to have arisen from the ancient master Apelles, Nulla dies sine linea  - 'No day without a line'.

I like to experiment with surfaces and styles, and I take compositions from photographs, other paintings, sculptures, my own sketches, sometimes playing with colour arrangements and happy accidents with the brush.

Christopher Sparkes 07867308663