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The idea for Madeleine’s Kitchen was born in 2011, when Kathryn Rodbert and Antonia Troth began making soups together to supply local farm shops. This venture soon grew into outside catering, and developed into Kathryn’s lifetime dream of owning a deli which opened its doors last year in 2015. The success of the deli has been swiftly followed by opening a cafe in One Tree Books, and a catering unit is planned to expand the business further.

Coffee, tea, pastries, cakes, soups, salad and sandwiches are just some of the tempting treats on offer in the café at the back of the shop. Drop in and meet the team and relax with a coffee and the papers, or meet friends for lunch.

Specials this week include Kathryn's sensational vegetable curry or chicken tagine served with rice; Spicy lentil or Super green soup.  Delicious!