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Welcome to One Tree Books events page. We host a vibrant and full programme, including guest authors, poets, artists and book launches. One Tree Books provides an excellent venue, whether on our ground floor surrounded by our extensive collection of fiction, or upstairs where factual books provide the backdrop.

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Madeleine’s Kitchen presents


Come and join us every Tuesday morning in the cafe at the back of the shop at 9:30am and listen to Fi reading this week’s chosen story.

Treat yourself to a coffee or tea and enjoy 10% off the price of the book – available only for each week’s story session.

Hampshire Through Writer’s Eyes – Alastair Langlands

Wednesday 4th October 6:30 – 8pm

Those who know the downs and chalk streams of Hampshire are quietly fortunate but rarely boastful. So it is fascinating to rediscover this home county, on the eastern edge of Wessex, as a place of extraordinary literary richness. It was in Hampshire that the novel reached its fullest expression through the native genius of Jane Austen,and not the least of its claims is that it is also the heartland of nature writing, where Gilbert White first opened up a whole universe of observation to the world, by confining himself to the infinite details of his Hampshire parish of Selborne. It is a tradition which was furthered in the county by W H Hudson, observing nature in the wooded heathlands of the New Forest and reached its apogee with the night walks of the poet Edward Thomas before his early death in the trenches. We also get to delight in the affectionate mocking attention of Beryl Bainbridge, P G Wodehouse and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Alastair Langlands has been rooted in the beech woods above Selborne for nearly fifty years,
though he is a native of Galloway. An eloquent speaker and performer, he was also a
passionate teacher of English, and has shepherded generations of young actors, artists and
writers from the theatre and concert halls of Bedales School into lives of creativity.

The Shipwreck Hunter – A Lifetime of Extraordinary Discoveries on the Ocean Floor
David L. Mearns – Monday 16th October, 7pm
Don’t miss the opportunity to come and meet David Mearns, a marine scientist and oceanographer who specializes in deep water search and recovery operations and has discovered some of the world’s most fascinating and elusive shipwrecks. From the mighty battlecruiser HMS Hood to the crumbling wooden skeletons of Vasco da Gama’s 16th century fleet, David has searched for and found dozens of sunken vessels in every ocean of the world.The Shipwreck Hunter is an account of David’s most intriguing and fascinating finds. It details both the meticulous research and the mid-ocean stamina and courage required to find a wreck miles beneath the sea, as well as the moving human stories that lie behind each of these oceanic tragedies.Combining the derring-do of Indiana Jones with the precision of a surgeon, in The Shipwreck Hunter David Mearns opens a porthole into the shadowy depths of the ocean.

Supper For Syria – In aid of the Rural Refugee Network
Wednesday 18th October 6:30 for 7pm
Together with Madeleine’s Kitchen, we are hosting a ‘Supper for Syria’ evening as part of the charity’s Syrian Month of Suppers initiative during October. Tickets cost £25 and include a glass of wine and a three-course light supper featuring recipes from #CookForSyria. There will be a talk and Q&A during the evening. All proceeds from the event will go to the charity – if you would like to know more about the work they do, please click here:

In Search of Ancient Africa – Barnaby Rogerson

Thursday 19th October 6:30 – 8pm

For 40 years, Barnaby Rogerson has travelled across North Africa, making sense of the region’s complex and fascinating history as both a writer and a guide. Throughout that time, there have always been a handful of stories he could not pin into neat, tidy narratives; stories that were not distinctly good or bad, tragic or pathetic, selfish or heroic, malicious or noble. This book, neither a work of history nor travel writing, is a journey into the ruins of a landscape to make sense of these stories through the lives of five men and one woman.

A sacrificial refugee (Queen Dido), a prisoner-of-war who became a compliant tool of the Roman Empire (King Juba), an unpromising provincial who, as Emperor, brought the Empire to its dazzling apogee (Septimius Severus), an intellectual careerist who became a bishop and a saint (St Augustine), the greatest General the world has ever known (Hannibal), and the Berber Cavalry General who eventually defeated him (Masinissa). Though all six lives have been clouded with as much myth as fact, the destinies of these North African figures remain highly relevant today. Their descendants are faced with the same choices: Do you stay pure to your own culture and fight against the power of the West, or do you study and assimilate this other culture, and utilise its skills? Will it greet you as an ally only to own you as a slave? The chosen heroes of this book represent classical North Africa, and not the familiar drum roll of Julius Caesar, Augustus, Trajan, Hadrian, Constantine and Justinian.

I Can Fly – Ginny Vere Nicoll

Friday 10th November, 6:30 – 8:30pm

I Can Fly is Ginny’s first illustrated book for children featuring the adventures of Nutmeg, the flying puppy. We are delighted to welcome her back to the shop, together with the star of the show, Nutmeg herself. Come along and meet them!

Disrupt! – James Bidwell

Friday 17th November, 6:30pm onwards

A cutting edge book on innovation and disruption for entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, marketers and fans of creative business and technology.