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Welcome to One Tree Books events page. We host a vibrant and full programme, including guest authors, poets, artists and book launches. One Tree Books provides an excellent venue, whether on our ground floor surrounded by our extensive collection of fiction, or upstairs where factual books provide the backdrop.

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Wednesday 28th November from 6pm

Book launch: Stoker by Richard Warburton

1860: Lord Stoker is wandering the Great Plains of the American West when he stumbles across a female survivor of a vicious attack. Traumatised and rendered mute by her experiences, Stoker resolves to escort her to St Louis and leave her with the authorities. His plans are foiled by the enigmatic explorer Richard Burton who has a role for Stoker in his own mission for the Crown. The stakes are raised by the arrival of Buller, Stoker’s brutal and hot-headed brother, and the psychotic blackmailer James Maybrick. Stoker is drawn into a whirlwind of deceit, depravity and violence as he struggles to protect the girl he rescued. His journey takes him into America’s ferocious frontier where secrets are revealed and blood is spilled.

Games of cat and mouse unfold but is Stoker the cat or the mouse?