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Welcome to One Tree Books events page. We host a vibrant and full programme, including guest authors, poets, artists and book launches. One Tree Books provides an excellent venue, whether on our ground floor surrounded by our extensive collection of fiction, or upstairs where factual books provide the backdrop.

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Book Signing – Tuesday 31st July from 6pm


‘A cross between “Hornblower and James Bond” is how the central character Jack Browne is described by Rear Admiral Paddy McAlpine, ex- CO HMS Daring. Bluestreak, written by Mike Klidjian, a recently retired Lieutenant Commander of the Royal Navy, is the first in a series featuring this highly authentic naval hero. The book crams pace, action and a thrilling plot with technical accuracy that only someone who has experienced modern warfare at sea could know.  Bluestreak’s appeal will transcend that of most military thrillers and Jack Brown’s character will quickly gather a popular following; a perfect combination that should send it hurtling towards the best seller list this summer. Come and meet Mike, have a glass of wine and get your signed copy!

Everyone welcome