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Sometimes, doula‘s work is very hard. I can be present, and calm, and loving. I can hold hands and rub feet and light candles and whisper: ‘it’s ok, don’t be afraid, everything will be ok.’ But sometimes a mama is broken – physically, mentally, spiritually.

Sometimes it’s a dangerous thing to wait for labor and surgery really is the safest thing – that very surgery making it too dangerous for a mama ever to contemplate another pregnancy again. Sometimes a papa is not a safe haven or a hero or a protector or a comforter but a threat. Sometimes breast is not best: it can be deadly, no matter how much the mama wants and needs and yearns to feed her baby that way. Sometimes there is a judgment as well as compassion in the eyes of caregivers. Not all, by any means, but enough to add to the hot tide of shame and despair that a broken mama might feel. Sometimes the future looks unremittingly bleak.

These tips should be sufficient for those, who are trying for a baby.

If you are having difficulty in conceiving, make sure that you go to your doctor, because you may lack certain nutrition or may have some physical condition, which is preventing you from getting pregnant. Your partner’s health status should also be checked. In this way, you will be able to buy levitra online, since you will have pure medical advice.

Remember that you need to have a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle so that you can get pregnant easily. The body needs its share of nutrients to help in the process of conception. Try taking folic acid and calcium, because these are essential vitamins. Take supplements, but at the discretion of your doctor. Try to avoid cigarette and alcoholic beverages, because this affects your fertility. You may face problems later in your pregnancy, if you have these unhealthy issues in your life, such as premature birth, miscarriage or even low birth weight. Even for the male, smoking decreases the chances of healthy sperm cells.

Many people also get caught up in trying to get pregnant so hard that they forget to enjoy sexual intercourse. Therefore, make sure that you enjoy sexual intercourse so that you will be able to relax, and actually increase your chances of getting pregnant. Additionally, have sexual intercourse in positions, where the chances of sperms getting into the vagina are higher. Therefore, ideally avoid positions with women on the top, because there are chances of sperm leaking in that position. Use a pillow to put your pelvis in a higher position and make sure that the sperm rests inside your vagina for a longer period (do not get up immediately after sexual intercourse).